Infrastructure Program - 4th Funding Cycle Infrastructure Awards Announced

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Infrastructure Program - 4th Funding Cycle Infrastructure Awards Announced

Solicitation Process for Funding Cycle 4
Safe Routes To Schools (SRTS) Infrastucture Program solicitations started March 14, 2011 by the Connecticut Department of Transportation for the Federal Fiscal Years 2010 - 2011. Approximately $3 million was available. Applications were due to Regional Planning Organization (RPOs) for preliminary review by August 1, 2011.  Application solicitation period is now closed.

The Process after Funding Award
Since the Safe Routes to School Program is a federal-aid program, projects awarded through this program to local municipalities are administered through the Department of Transportation's Consultant Design - Local Roads Office. The following link, An introduction to Locally Administered Projects, gives an overview of the federal-aid program process:

2012 Safe Routes to School Infrastructure Program Awards
Coventry: Captain Nathan Hale Middle School, Coventry Grammar School, GH Robertson Intermediate School - New concrete sidewalks from Route 31/Paden Road intersection to Captain Nathan Hale Middle School. $492,000 

Southington: Joseph A. DePaolo Middle School - New concrete sidewalk along north side of Woodruff Street.   New pathway to connect Crest Road neighborhood to Memorial Park with small pedestrian crossing. New crosswalks at intersection of Mountain View Road and Hobart Street. School zone warning signs along Pleasant Street in front of DePaolo Middle School. $498,496

Plainville: Toffolon Elementary School and Middle School of Plainville - Grass and inlaid brick median along Northwest Drive near school driveways.  New sidewalks and raised crosswalks with sidewalk bumpouts on Northwest Drive. $457,305

Vernon:  Skinner Road Elementary School - Improvements around school includes installation of raised crosswalk on school driveway; stone dust trail around the perimeter of ball fields in rear of school; bike rack near entrance to school and new sidewalks in vicinity of school. Installation of “No Parking” signs along east side of Skinner Road in front of school, and radar speed school zone signs on Skinner Road prior to school grounds. $491,470 

Waterbury: Gilmartin Elementary School - Installation of school zone signage, marked crosswalks and pavement marking’s on neighborhood streets within one mile radius of school. Installation of bicycle racks at the school and widening of existing sidewalk on south side of Pearl Lake Road from Baldwin Street to Tracy Avenue. $500,000 

Stratford: Wilcoxson School - Installation of traffic calming on Wilcoxson Avenue at Beacon Street, including textured intersection at all-way stop controlled intersection of Wilcoxson Avenue and Beacon Street. Construction of curb bump-out in northwest corner of Wilcoxson Avenue and Beacon Street.  Reorganization of drop-off areas around the school to provide pedestrian and bicycle access. Construct sidewalk on west side of Beacon Street. $406,868








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